Project: The Revival - Artisan Trade School, Bowden, Gasworks, South Australia, 2016



A proposal that seeks to rebel against societies ever evolving technologies and machinery, through the revival of artisan trade skills of which are slowly dissipating with the elderly who possess them. The programme attempts to diminish the current divisions in society that exist between workplace, living and leisure space in order to create a socialist environment. The artisan trade school will not only be a centre for education but a place for the younger generations to learn their craft, even as such a notion of growing of age.

The use of technology of today will be guided to record the learning of skills occurring and stored on media devices within a cinematic library for future generations to explore and use the potential each skill set with holds. The process of recording observational learning and then archiving and distributing it attempts to blue the boundaries between the analogue and digital worlds, much like the skills of which each generation possess today. Working the two simultaneously to create an outcome that improves learning, saving of dying skills and whilst creating an inclusive environment that provides accommodation in exchange for knowledge.



Workshop Perspective