Project: After the Gold Rush, Roxby Downs, SA, 2015


                                                   THE GRUEN EFFECT - ENCLOSED SUPERDOME


The concept of the design was to present an industrial approach to re-designing the town centre and fifo accommodation. The new town centre lays on a central axis that accessible to the whole town through a connecting tramline which run underneath the new structure.

With retail expected to increase by 10000 m bringing a potential 94 millions dollars in revenue, it is vital that the main street is revised and is functioning at full capacity. The re-design encloses the main street and implements the Gruen Effect, creating a climate controlled pleasure dome, non-effected by the Roxby Downs Climate. Whilst raising the building of the ground allows for the imagination of open space in a crowed urban future.

The design was heavily influenced from the background of Roxby Downs through the Olympic Dam Mine, using circulation as a pivotal point in the buildings formation through weaving in between a solid wall which allows a change in zoning through every passing through, whilst extending the landings of the stairs through the wall to create intimating moments on the journey throughout the building. In conjunction with a linking tramline creating a connection and access to the original high street and Olympic Dam. 




1. Sectional Detail - Main entry into the mixed use complex, segmented pop outs are created through a solid core-ten wall at every landing of the stairs creating public viewing spaces + areas of engagement for the public for social activities.

2. FIFO Accommodation - Drawn upon from the harsh industrial environment of the mines, the accommodation sits within a steel framework with each pod being placed strategically within to create a suitable living conditions for both night shift + day shift.

3. Axonometric FIFO Accommodation - The designed system works as a kit of parts the can be expanded upon or removed on the basis of mining booms/losses, the idea revolves around the ability to be highly transportable with ability to last the longevity of the Roxby Downs mines then move on to another mining site.